When basketball makes you do crazy things

Last weekend, five girls from Toronto jumped into a car and drove to Indianapolis and back in less than 36 hours. For a basketball game.

I was one of those five. And I loved every minute of it.

1,000+ Raptors fans made the trip down to Indy for the game, and didn’t hold back on the chants (or the attire), filling the outside of Bankers Life Fieldhouse with ‘We the North’ in a sea of red and black.

While the Pacers won that game by a score of 100-83, it was undeniably a fun experience.

In the end, the good guys took the series and are now one win away from the Eastern Conference Final (fo’ realz).

Side note: thankfully, I didn’t do any of the driving on this trip. But I did a lot of eating. From the All-Star Special at Waffle House to the Nutella milkshake and parmesan fries at Steak & Shake (faboulous mascot version pictured above), Indiana has a couple gems. I’ll be back.

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