Strawberry picking in my backyard

Well… not exactly in my backyard, but quite close. Andrews’ Scenic Acres in Halton Hills recently opened its strawberry fields for picking and I had never picked fresh strawberries before, so it was a match made in heaven.

I opted for a small basket since my plan was to eat them with breakfast and not use them for baking. This was the first batch of strawberries ready to be picked, so it was a bit of a walk, but worth it nonetheless. There are also tractor rides to the patches available on weekends.

To give an idea of the cost, the little basket in the first photo was just under $11.

(Since we’re on the topic of strawberries: the recently opened The 3 Brewers (Les 3 Brasseurs) at Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga has a ‘neighbourhood’ strawberry beer that you can’t find at any other location and it is YUM.)

Andrews’ Scenic Acres bakes a variety of pies and tarts (which looked amazing) and has other local products available for sale including fresh produce, jams and jellies, honey, tea and more. They also have Scotch Block Winery on-site, so I picked up a fruit wine called Kinky Keltic which includes black and red currants, red raspberry and gooseberry.

It was a super cute little farm with fair prices and a variety of fresh, local offerings. What more could you ask for?

I’ll be back soon once the cherries are ready and again in the fall for a pumpkin or two.

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