Exploring the Scarborough Bluffs

At first glance, would many people guess this photo was taken in Toronto? At least I know I wouldn’t have before discovering the Scarborough Bluffs earlier this year.

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, or maybe not, but I knew I had to explore this gorgeous, nearby, natural wonder as soon as I saw a photo of it.

Bluffers Park is easily accessible from Kingston Rd. by turning onto Brimley Rd. S. in Scarborough. Parking is available year-round (paid in the summer). On-site, visitors can find a bunch of wooden picnic tables, green space, walking trails and, of course, perfect views.

The overlooking viewpoint (Scarborough Bluffs Park) is a bit more difficult to get to… No, you do not have to climb the bluffs (and absolutely should not) to reach the top, but I got lost using the ol’ iPhone maps, so check out these directions. The lush greens, sandy beaches and clear waters are best seen from this point.

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