The rest of 2014

I know. I’ve been neglecting my writing. But a lot happened in 2014. A lot of good things. So here are a few highlights. As the saying goes, it’s “better late than never.”

Two weeks in Europe

This past July, I boarded the MSC Fantasia cruise ship for a 7-night tour around the Mediterranean with my family. The trip included ports in Venice, Bari, Katakolon, Santorini, Athens, Corfu, Dubrovnik as well as a week in Pordenone, Italy after the cruise to visit my cousins. It was my first cruise and only my second time exploring Europe, so I was pretty much in heaven. Corfu was absolutely beautiful and I plan on going back someday. I went snap happy with my camera and I love how the photos turned out, so here are my favourites. Hovering over each photo will identify the location.

From marketing to communications

While I still work at the same company, I changed roles this fall. I’m now part of the corporate communications team (yay sports and PR!) and I’m absolutely loving it. I graduated from Seneca’s corporate communications program a little less than two years ago, so this has all happened so fast, and for that I am grateful. I must admit I’m working on that whole work/life balance bit, but that’s where the consistent blog updates are going to come in handy.

Europe welcomed me with open arms (yes, again!)

This time, I spent Christmas in the Czech Republic, mainly in Prague and Ostrava, with a spontaneous one-day road trip to Poland. It amazes me how invisible the country borders are and how convenient it is to explore more countries in Europe once you’re already there. The Christmas market in Prague was absolutely gorgeous and the architecture was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Beer is more expensive than bottled water and the Czechs really like KFC and macarons. A visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau was the most memorable and emotional part of the trip for me. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of being there, learning more about the history and seeing what’s left of the camps. Overall, this visit to Europe definitely did not disappoint, and only fueled my feeling of wanderlust.

What’s next

Now that we’ve got 2014 covered, here’s to more working, wandering and writing in 2015.


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