J. J. Watt makes a 6-year-old’s dream come true

Breanna, a 6-year-old girl, was devastated because she wasn’t old enough to marry J. J. Watt, a 23-year-old defensive lineman for the NFL’s Houston Texans. A video was uploaded earlier this month showing how upset Breanna was.

Watt, who had heard about the video, tweeted for help to find this little girl.

He was successful in finding Breanna and asked her to be his pretend wife for the day.

JJ Watt
Source: @JJWatt (Twitter)

Watt, who admitted he was “having trouble finding a girlfriend,” probably won’t have that problem anymore.

That is some darn good PR, my friend.


  1. What a fantastic story and goes to show the best PR is one to one and genuine. Some may argue this was all staged but regardless it was heartfelt and genuine and just made me a Houston Texan fan. A good things as I am married to a Texan!


    • It’s great to see professional athletes take themselves to a personal level with fans, especially children. It is tough to prove if occurrences like these are staged, but it’s important to look at the positive outcome. As you mentioned, it strengthens the fan base (and can put you in your spouse’s good books)!


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