Olive Fisher Campbell

I’ve been working on an essay on Canadian War Brides for my “Canada and the Second World War” 4th year class and I came across an interesting book during my research. Olive Fisher Campbell met a Canadian soldier stationed in England, married him, and left her home to settle in Canada. Through her hardships and struggles, she has found strength and published her story, titled Shattered Dreams. She shared this in her epilogue:

“I hope the world doesn’t move too fast and eventually we can find peace and love and make the world a better place. Remember, even when life seems to be dealing you a bad hand and things seem like they couldn’t get much worse, be strong, keep a positive spirit, and believe in yourself. Life is a learning school, and things are not always the way you want them to be. Dealing with the ups and downs makes us stronger and we learn a lot about ourselves along the way. Keep smiling, and live each day with love and kindness. You will find they will always come back to you.”
– Olive Fisher Campbell

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