1776 Steps Have Nothing On Me

This past Thursday I completed the CN Tower Climb – a challenge of 1776 steps. The event, organized to raise money for the United Way, splits into separate days for corporate and general public. I joined the corporate climb with Suncor Energy as a former Summer Student, and almost immediately worried about my lack of consistent exercise. It was most definitely the charitable component that gave me the confidence to go through with the challenge and I am glad I did.

I believed it would take me at least an hour to reach the top, but in fact, I clocked in at 25:51.There were several times during the climb where I told myself I wanted to give up, but I felt that I would be letting myself down if I didn’t finish. As a safety precaution, paramedics were situated at every ten flights, but thankfully I did not see anyone needing assistance throughout my climb. As I reached the last set of steps, a feeling of accomplishment and great pride came over me. The view of the city at night from the top of the tower was also great to see in itself.

The climb reinforced my belief that achieving success begins with setting goals and having confidence and drive to achieve them. Although I am impressed with my time, I plan on participating again next year, and improving my physical activity leading up to the event in order to beat my personal best.

I encourage anyone with a list of goals to add “Climbing the CN Tower” to it. Its not as easy as it looks, but its a great way to achieve personal success while contributing to a great cause.

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